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screencaps anyone? 
04:16pm 06/12/2006
  i saw joan on conan the other night- its a small miracle i remembered and then stayed up.  which lead to hours of JJ/Runaways viewing on youtube and i was highly amused by the"acdc" video and wanted to make icons...but i cant find screencaps :( any help would be nice if anyone knows where to find them...and i'd share the icons too :)  
Joan on Conan 
08:32am 05/12/2006
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So cool. Quite by accident I caught the end of Joan's performance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien ! She looks SO young and sounds SO good ! She was singing A.C.D.C. with a gleam in her eye and lots of energy.
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05:47pm 18/08/2006
  Hi, I'm new to this community. You guys are so quiet lately! I'm surprised since "Sinner" was realeased and Joan's touring right now! Anyway, hello everyone.

Here's a few photos from when I saw her on June 8th in Brooklyn. She is the only woman who sweats like sex. Tee hee!


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Please help 
02:21am 31/10/2005
  Does anyone have the Light Of Day CD ? If so, is it possible to download it. I have looked everywhere for it and it is one of the few things Joan has done that I do not have.  
Happy Birthday ! 
07:39am 22/09/2005
mood: Schizzy
Just wanted to leave my wishes for a happy 45th birthday for Joan Jett ! Peace !
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09:50pm 27/08/2005
  lookin' to see if anyone on here can give me Joan's great quote from the movie Boogie Boy about music being the only drug that works. thanx in advance.  
11:50pm 17/08/2005
mood: awake
hi im new here, im 17 and from san antonio texas does ne body have that song back to the drive from suzi quatro off the edgeplay soundtrack? i cant find it on limewire at all i wanna get edgeplay's soundtrack though it seems really good
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04:35pm 13/08/2005
  does ne one have ne idea on about how much joan jett weighed during her runaways days im doin a project for my history of rock class and the paper said i need all the statistics i can find my guess is about 115 to 120 but im a horrible guesser i can use all the help i can get on this thanks!!  
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11:07pm 12/08/2005
  Hey im new here. My name is sarah, im 23 and i live in SoCal. i absolutley love joan jett!!!  
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03:05pm 13/07/2005
mood: impressed

For those of you who havent seen it on the official website or the INXS Rockstar competion website:

Joan Jett Sounds Off

Man I gotta say I dont think I woulda liked to be within a ten foot radius while she was writing this up. She is pissed, and rightfully so.

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08:37am 15/04/2005
mood: curious
Does anyone know why Joan Jett isn't in Edgeplay (The Runaway's movie)? Vicky Blue didn't even have her as a "thanks" at the end... Just wondering. Thanks!!
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Pictures From Joan at Webster Hall on April 7th 
06:19pm 10/04/2005
mood: amused
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11:00am 05/04/2005
  Can anyone explain to me the relationship between joan and the eyeliners?? Thanks x  
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Joan to be a DJ on Sirius 
02:33pm 20/03/2005
mood: devious
Underground Garage Party
3/21 8 pm - 12 am ET
Join the Underground Garage for a party celebrating our new 7 days a week, 365 days a year, DJ lineup. Beginning 3/22, Underground Garage will have a rocking weekday DJ crew to complement the weekend warriors. We?re adding Martin Lewis (8 am - 12 pm ET) and Mighty Manfred (12 pm - 4 pm ET) to the Monday through Friday roster and Kid Leo (4 pm - 8 pm ET) along with Handsome Dick Manitoba (8 pm - 12 am ET) will be moving to weekdays also.

Joining Andrew Loog Oldham, Bill Kelly and Kim Fowley on the weekends will be one of rock 'n' roll's feistiest females JOAN JETT as well as Ko Melina. So hook up with all the DJs this Monday night, as they party on-air from 8 pm until 12 am ET. And get used to it. The new schedule means the Underground Garage is open for business every day of the year.
07:47pm 27/01/2005
mood: weird
I'm a little scared of what to expect
from: Blackheart Records

"Be sure to catch the February 1st edition of "American Idol" on Fox."

Is Joan gonna be a guest judge or something? Cause if she I hope shes all: "I hate pop, where are the loud angry chicks with guitars."
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09:01pm 25/01/2005
  Hello. My name is Greta & I just joined. I love Joan Jett!  
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03:13pm 16/01/2005
mood: happy
I just found this community and I have been a huge Joan Jett fan from way back. she has been a huge influence on me and my music. I am currently in a band called Les Biches. I am the lead singer. I also play drums and the piano.
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I made a color bar if anyone is interested 
09:16pm 06/01/2005

Joan Jett is Luv
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If Anyone lives in California... 
03:32pm 11/12/2004
  Celebrate New Year's with Joan Jett at Table Mountain.
Buy your tickets now for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with special guest Taylor Dayne.

FRESNO, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrate New Year's Table Mountain style with a special performance by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with special guest Taylor Dayne.

The concert will be held in the Event Center on Friday, December 31. It will be a night to remember with songs that have been the background music of our lives such as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts hits "I Love Rock 'n Roll," "Bad Reputation," "Crimson and Clover," and "I Hate Myself for Loving You," and Taylor Dayne's "Tell It to My Heart".

All concert attendees have a chance to win a big screen HDTV. Entry tickets will be the concert ticket. A portion of the ticket stub will be deposited into an entry drum as tickets are collected at the door. The drawing will take place on New Year's Eve between sets at the Event Center.

Tickets for VIP seating are $25, with reserved seating are $15. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show begins at 10 p.m. Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to attend.
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12:37am 06/12/2004
  ive decided that its been too long since ive posted in this community. exams and stuff, ive been too busy.

but i thought i would finally post my pictures of joan jett from this summer when i saw her in concert. they arent great... but i love them just the same.

joan jettCollapse )

this was back in charlotte, nc. my hometown. or close to it. i have to say it was the best concert ive ever seen and i would love to see her in concert again. it was absolutely amazing.
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