Those Endless Days (bahgurl) wrote in joan_jett_fans,
Those Endless Days

ive decided that its been too long since ive posted in this community. exams and stuff, ive been too busy.

but i thought i would finally post my pictures of joan jett from this summer when i saw her in concert. they arent great... but i love them just the same.

this was back in charlotte, nc. my hometown. or close to it. i have to say it was the best concert ive ever seen and i would love to see her in concert again. it was absolutely amazing.
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The photos are special to you, that's all that matters. Thanks for sharing them! :)


anytime :)
I wish she'd play the UK...I hate waiting!
woot awesome! I wish I had photos from the Ramones Cancer Benefit she played at. She looked amazing. That woman must have some sort of fountain of youth shes not telling anyone about.
Sweet, another Charlottean. Wish I'd gone to that show, but it was raining. Bummer. Nice pics, by the way.