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Happy Birthday !

Just wanted to leave my wishes for a happy 45th birthday for Joan Jett ! Peace !
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haha Don't let her catch you saying she's 45!
today's paper listed her birth year as 1958?...
It simply depends on who or what account you believe. She's changed her year of birth throughout the years... haha

Who cares, Joan Jett fucking rocks!!
ROTFL! Okay! Soon she'll be younger than me (32)! ;P
Love your icon with you/Joan...my sister met her an a NY Liberty game 4 years ago & took a photo with her and got her autograph for me. She said Joan was very nice, very approachable.
Thanks! How about sharing the picture?

Joan is usually very nice and approachable.

My sister has the photo, not me; after all, she's the lucky one who's in it!
Ah, I thought maybe you'd have a copy of it.