One lucky biatch ;) (greengirlnj) wrote in joan_jett_fans,
One lucky biatch ;)

Hi, I'm new to this community. You guys are so quiet lately! I'm surprised since "Sinner" was realeased and Joan's touring right now! Anyway, hello everyone.

Here's a few photos from when I saw her on June 8th in Brooklyn. She is the only woman who sweats like sex. Tee hee!


I chickened out! The dress I have on in this photo is a very thin spaghetti strap dress. I wore the wrap over it because 1). it was damp and cold; and 2). I didn't want my boobs hanging out! And without the wrap, they WERE!

Me at the Joan Jett concert.

Joan Jett is so tiny and petite, I felt like a giant huge person next to her!

Joan Jett concert.

Joan Jett concert.

Joan Jett concert.

Joan Jett concert.
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a million sighs. I got to see her on the Warped tour in Raliegh, NC this summer. She is amazing. Great Pics!!!
Nice Pictures! Thanks!